Fed宣布成立臨時FIMA Repo Facility

根據美東時間3/31最新的Fed新聞稿,Fed宣布成立臨時FIMA Repo Facility(a temporary repurchase agreement facility for foreign and international monetary authorities)。其目的是要對美國家庭與企業維持足夠的信用供給(supply of credit to U.S. households and businesses)。


果然,這個FIMA Repo Facility的成立目的可從Fed提供的Q&A中看到:
「The facility reduces the need for central banks to sell their Treasury securities outright and into illiquid markets, which will help to avoid disruptions to the Treasury market and upward pressure on yields. By allowing central banks to use their securities to raise dollars quickly and efficiently, the facility will also support local markets in U.S. dollars and bolster broader market confidence. Stabilizing foreign dollar markets, in turn, will support foreign economic conditions and thereby benefit the U.S. economy through many channels, including confidence and trade.」

「The FIMA repo facility would allow foreign central banks to temporarily raise dollars by selling U.S. Treasuries to the Federal Reserve’s System Open Market Account and agreeing to buy them back at the maturity of the repurchase agreement. The term of the agreement will be overnight, but can be rolled over as needed. The transaction would be conducted at an interest rate of 25 basis points over the rate on IOER (Interest on Excess Reserves), which generally exceeds private repo rates when the Treasury market is functioning well, so the facility would primarily be used only in unusual circumstances such as those prevailing at present.」



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